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How does it work?

Apply for your treatment anytime, anywhere. We work with WebDoctor to provide a safe and easy way to get your desired treatment from a doctor. Through a simple questionnaire or a video consultation a doctor will check you are medically suitable for the treatment you are requesting. Your prescription will be sent directly to Garrett O'Donnell Pharmacy. Consultations start at just €25.

Select Your Treatment

Fill in a simple questionnaire for your desired treatment or click a video consultation if you would like to speak to a doctor.

Our Doctor's Review

An Irish based doctor will review your questionnaire to ensure you are medically suitable for your requested treatment.

Collect Your Medication

For convenience your script is sent straight to your local Garrett O'Donnell Pharmacy. Ready for your collection.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I select what Pharmacy my prescription will be sent to?

At the end of the questionnaire, your prescription will automatically be sent to Garrett O'Donnell Pharmacy.

How will I know if my medication is ready for collection?

Simply ring Garrett O’Donnell Pharmacy on 0749551289, and one of the members of staff will be able to check if your prescription is ready for collection. 

Will my GP be made aware that I used the online doctor service?

Your GP will not be notified unless you request to notify them at the end of your questionnaire/ consultation. 
It is, however, recommended that you notify your GP of any external treatments that you receive.

Can I choose to have a video consultation instead of filling out a questionnaire?

Yes. This is an option. You can opt to have a video consultation with a doctor if you wish. Please note that prices for video consultations start at €35.00. 

How long will it take for a prescription to be issued after completing the questionnaire?

The prescription request will usually be reviewed by one of’s doctors the very same day. You will receive an email from once your request has been reviewed and sent to your local pharmacy.

Who do I contact if I don’t receive an email from

Contact webdoctor on +35314595132 or email

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my prescription after it has been issued by my pharmacist?

Please contact us on 0749551289 or at 


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