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Vichy Haircare

At Garrett O'Donnell Pharmacy, we are so proud of our Vichy Collection.  Having a full range of such a prestigious brand gives us all the feels..!!!  Vichy is one of the leading Skin Care brands on the market, and rightly so.  However, as we have mentioned, we have the full range, including products for the care of your luscious locks..!!  


Introducing Dercos Nutrients...

Formulated with Nutrient rich ingredients from Vegetal Origin with NO parabens and NO Silicone, this range is host to products for three hair concerns.



Detox rebalances scalp and hair suffering from oiliness caused by pollution, leaving hair feeling leightweight and looking glossy.

Safe formulation with natural ingredients from vegetal origin, and a unique combination of:

Detoxifying Spirulina, an algae rich in antioxidants & proteins that absorbs pollutant particles.

Purifying Charcoal, a fossil with deep cleansing properties that purifies the fiber and makes hair lighter

Absorbing Kaolin Clay, a mineral that absorbs excess greasiness and adds volume to hair

Tested on Sensitive Scalp


                            Shampoo 250ml  €12.00                 Conditioner 200ml  €14.00           

"Fragrance is a breath of fresh green notes"


Vitamin A.C.E 

Vitamin A.C.E rebalances scalp amd dull hair affected by stress to unleash brightness - for a healthy scalp and shiny hair with a unique Combination of:

Revitalizing Acai Berry,  rich in Vitamins A, C, and E with antioxidant properties, mineral proteins essential for the metabolism

Hydrating Alow Vera,  a fortifying plant with hydrating benefits

Tested on Sensitive Scalp


                                     Shampoo 250ml €12.00                   Conditioner 200ml €14.00

"Fragrance is a sparkling cocktail of energizing notes"


Nutri Protein

Formulated with a unique combination of natural nourishing nutrients, NUTRI PROTEIN quenches dry hair aggravated by heat and replenishes it with all the healthy components needed to transform even the driest hair with a unique combination of:

Nutricious Pracaxy Oil, rich in fatty acid and lipids essential for cuticles cohesion

Restorative Quinoa Bran, a seed rich in antioxidants and proteins that nourishes the hair follicles


                       Shampoo 250ml  €12.00                   Conditioning Mask 250ml  €16.00







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