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Prescription Services at Garrett O'Donnell Pharmacy

Medical Card Services

At Garrett O'Donnell Pharmacy, we provide a comprehensive service for Medical Card Holders.  When presenting a GMS (General Medical Service) Prescription from a registered doctor, we provide high quality, confidential care for all patients.  For the majority of drugs, there is a government imposed fee of €2.50 per item, for each card holder up to the age of 70.  After turning 70, patients will pay the imposed fee of €2.00 per item.  However, for an individual, a married couple, a married couple with dependent children under the age of 16, or children between 16 and 21 years of age in full time education, the cost will be €2.50 per item for the first ten items.  Everything after that, will be free for the remainder of the calender month.  So for couples under 70, thats €25.00 per calender month, and €20.00 for those over seventy.    

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Drugs Payment

At Garret O'Donnell Pharmacy, we accept all Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS) patients.  On presenting a valid prescription and DPS card, we will dispense all HSE covered medication up to €144.00 per month.  This applies to individual patients, or can be made up bewteen married couples, or families with dependent children under 16 years of age, (16-21 year olds still in full time education).  Wish to apply for the DPS Scheme..?  Call in today for more information, or call 0749551289

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Other Prescription Services

At Garrett O'Donnell we deal with several other prescription services, other than Medical Card or Drug Payment Schemes.  We also provide comprehensive care to ptients who have been approved under the Long Term Illness Scheme, or the Hardship Scheme.  For patients who have been discharged from Hospital, or patients who have received prescriptions from Dentists, Mental Health Professionals, or Private consultants, we accept all valid prescriptions, and will strive to do our best to deliver high quality confidential care to all patients who come through our doors.

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