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All The Best..!! 



Mrs Hinch, without doubt, has taken the world by storm.  For anyone who doesn’t know who she is, a quick google search will have you searching for your baskets, your Mink-eh’s, your Paul and your Dave…!!


For those of us who do, we can see how she has made cleaning more… well, fun..!!!  (I never thought I would EVER type those words..!!!)

With her little tips and tricks, on how to make to most mundane tasks more enjoyable, how to make those huge jobs, a little more manageable, we have found ways of taking the stress out of our homes.  Some might even say, they find it therapeutic..!! By naming her cleaning products and her cleaning equipment, (Who doesn’t have a Dave..!!!) She has brought a whole community of people together, those who find that cleaning clears their mind, those who find they get anxious when looking at this huge pile of chores that need doing, or those who just love to get the music on, and get stuck in..!! She has shown us, that no matter who we are, no matter where we are.. We are all in this together..


 At Garrett O’Donnell Pharmacy, we have sold household cleaning products for YEARS, and pride ourselves on really competitive prices, so everyone can get Hinching and enjoying their homes again..!! Check out some of the Hinch favourites below, and grab yourself a barg..!!


As Mrs Hinch says herself… All The Best..!!!



Cif Cream Cleaner €2.95                                       Cif POwer and Shine Wipes €1.95                              Soda Crystals €1.50



                    Stardrops Pine Antibacterial Spray €2.95                                            Toilet Duck Pine       €2.50




56ml   €1.95

500ml  €6.95 








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