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At Garrett O’Donnell Pharmacy, it is almost a custom, that every new product that arrives on our shelves, we just HAVE to try..!!! Miss Fit Skinny Tea was no different.  We tried it on and off for a few weeks but in store and online, we set up a group with the wonderful aim… To lose weight..!!!  Let me take you through the journey..!!!


 Lets start by taking a look at the product, and all the wild and wonderful things they claim.


Firstly, it’s an Irish owned brand.  True enough, Ruth Hetherington, and her husband Clark, live (with their puppy, Poppy) in and have their warehouse in Dublin. If you follow them on Snapchat, we can regularly see them rooting through orders, getting them ready for dispatch, all by themselves.  To be fair, we do love an Irish brand here in Garrett’s, so this gets a good tick from us..!!


Second, it claims to be all natural.. On the back on the pack we have a list of herbal teas… That’s it..!! Each one can be bought separately, but who has the time (or the money) to be buying fourteen or fifteen different herbal teas.  Each one has their own properties, which help in our plight.  Some aid digestion, reduce bloating, and speed up metabolism.  Sounds great, right..?!


Lastly, this product claims to be laxative free, which makes it safe to use with medication.  Unfortunately, it is not recommended to be used by anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.  However, because it is a laxative free product, it is safe to use with the contraceptive pill..!!


So, we started our journey on Ash Wednesday.  Why, well just because… Because it is the day of the “giving up for Lent..” day..!!! Online, Ruth has provided us with a free day by day eating plan and a four minute workout.  (Who doesn’t have four minutes..?)  By the end of the 28 days, our group had lost a combined total of just over 4 stone.. My contribution to that amazing result was half a stone..!!  Truth be told, I didn’t follow the plan as strictly as I could or should have.  (imagine if I did..!!) 


When we look at the bag first, we see that the packaging claims that this one bag is a fourteen day supply.  Fair enough, two bags will take us through the 28 day plan.  However, when we open the packet, we see tea.  Simple as that…. Just pure dried tea leaves.  The tea is loose, but this won’t be a problem, as we got a little infuser to go with it.  (Typically €5.00 to buy, but get one free with any purchase of Miss Fit Skinny Tea until the end of July..!!)  I personally found that the one packet lasted for longer than the fourteen days.  I filled up the infuser to the top, and made my first cup, it appeared quite strong, but tasted pretty good, (well as good as a first timer can think…!!!) I have tried pure green tea before and found it a little grassy, but the lemon grass in the Miss Fit Skinny Tea seems to have taken that edge off..!! by my fourth cup that evening, I found it got weaker.  Mind you,  I was happy enough with that, because when it was time for bedtime, I wasn’t hopping around the kitchen with energy..!!!  And that’s it… For 28 days, I get in my 4 cups of Miss Fit Skinny Tea, and wait to see what happens.!!



Apart from the weight loss, along with the inches lost across my whole body, I found several pleasant changes in myself.  For us ladies, the monthly offering from Mother Nature brings its fair share of bloat. This month… Zero, zilch, Nada..!!! I didn’t even realise until I stopped taking the tea really, but looking back I just felt.. well, normal..!?  Also, I was buzzing around with an unbelievable energy.  Which probably contributed to my loss too.  I didn’t really stop for very long..!!  As for the product being Laxative free, well it did seem to be just that… No changes in that department..!!!! (Phew, Because in my job, I don’t really have the ‘luxury’ to sit on the toilet for the majority of the day..!!!!!) 


I guess, we can consider this one purchase to be a success.  With plans in the pipeline to run another 28 day challenge for the month of July, we ask you all to spread the word.  You have heard how I got on…!! What’s stopping you..?!  With a friends’ wedding coming up in July, I for one will be getting my Tea on..!!!!


Lisa :) xx

The D, a 3000IU suppliment, which provides a daily dose of Vitamin D.
Because of the lack of sunshine in our lovely country, many people find we are lacking in, or just want a little boost of Vitamin D. Proven to improve mood, improve bone health and keep those pesky colds and flus away, this guy is a little stepping stone during our day 
Our Price €14.95

The Crave - The latest addition to the Miss Fit Life team.  Keeping those devilish cravings at bay, they help to break the habits of snacking on sugary foods.  A blend of GTN Chromium and Cinnimon there is a lot of power in those little white capsules.  I have been taking them for the past month, and while there is still a good will power required, it did break the back of it..!!!
€19.95 untill the end of July..!!

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