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Hi Guys,

Apologies for not posting in a while, its rather busy in Garrett O’Donnell Pharmacy..!!!  Would you believe it, we are actually spending most of our time preparing for Christmas!! (Eeek..!! )  Enough about that..  Time to review another brand we stock in store…

GlamGlow arrived on our shelves back in March, and it has to be said, it caused quite a stir..!!! Of course, I had to have it…!! (Garrett should start paying us in stock..!!!)  Lisa Q and Patricia have both tried the Black, YouthMud and peer pressure meant I had to try it too.. but since we got them in, I also invested in the white one.  Let’s start with the black one…


                                     GlamGlow YouthMud


This mask comes in the Black Jar, at a size of 50g and claims to be a tingling exfoliating treatment, or a ‘facial in a jar’.  True to the packaging, I can find it tingling straight away.  This one also has a slight gritty texture with larger pieces of what I later found out is Active Green Tea Leaf… (Green tea is always a good idea, right..?) I applied mine with a brush, just a regular painter brush, similar to the Bank Canvas F02.  After about 3-5 minutes, I found the product starting to dry and get a little hard.  After about 15 minutes, I rinsed it off using little circular motions, just to give my skin a good exfoliation..!! (Sometimes you just need that deep clean feel..!!)

This is the brush I used...     Blank Canvas F20 ... Click the link for more info..!!

When I came out of the shower, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t getting ready to go out..!!! My skin was definitely brighter to look at, but to feel, it was just so smooth.  I could imagine my Make Up gliding on.  I would only use this once or twice a week, as a little treat.  But keep reading to find out about the other one I use..!!!




                                   GlamGlow Super Mud



I have terrible skin! Everything I do, shows through my skin (a bit like most of us I guess..!!)  Don’t drink water, Eat bad food Don’t get enough sleep… It all shows, for me, I get spots..!!!


I think if I walk too close to the sweet aisle in CostCutter, BAM!!.... A pimple appears by bedtime..!!!! Not to mention the whappers that will appear along with mother nature..!!  When we got the GlamGlow range on our shelves, the one I waited hardest on, was the Super Mud.  A deep cleansing treatment, basically for blemish prone skin. (AKA, me..!!!)  When I opened the box, the first thing I was met with was the packaging, speaking to me through the most amazing marketing I have seen in ages…. “Hello Sexy”, you would think we had already met..!!!! (Joke..!!!)  The pot was a little smaller than the YouthMud, at 34g and the consistency was thinner, no grittiness and no sign of active green tea leaves.  As soon as you take off the lid, you get that cleansing antiseptic, spot fighting smell, telling you, this must be a good ‘un..!!  I applied a thin layer, with the same (washed) brush as with the YouthMud, and waited (watched Corrie!!).  As before, the mask dried and got a little hard. Into the shower I went, and with little circular motions, I washed it off..!! Out I came, and conducted the usual post-shower rituals, and sort of forgot about the mask.  Remainded by the state of my bathroom, I went to the mirror to check it out.  First thing I noticed, is that there was no tightness in my skin, that dehydrated feel wasn’t there..!! (I hate that feeling, where your skin is screaming out for moisture..!?)  It didn’t have the same glowing effect as the YouthMud, but I tried reminding myself that this was not designed as an exfoliating product.  I applied a little moisturiser, and headed off for a good 8 hours of stacking Z’s..!! By morning, I found that my angry red chin was a lot calmer, not completely gone, but the battle was won..!!! What more can you ask for..!!! I kept a good eye for newbies throughout the rest of the week, and while it wasn’t a completely clear run, I didn’t have the same amount of breakouts as I would normally..!!! Now I spare this one for weeks leading up to an event, especially where there will be endless snapchats and selfies, aka weddings or nights out.. and use the YouthMud in between times for a super deep exfoliation..!!! There are four other masks in the range along with a glamorous range of cleansers (RRP €19.95), but I guess Garrett O’Donnell will just have to sponsor me in future, to test them out.. ;)  Check them out below..!!

      GravityMud, designed to fight the aging process!                               An intense brightening treatment, SPF recommended!

PowerMud - for all skin types, using oil as a base cleanser!                ThirstyMud - For dry and dehydrated Skin, a splash.. literally!

                                                Amazing cleansers designed to compliment, or work along on your beautiful skin!



Lisa xx


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