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bPerfect Ten Second Tan

Another Irish brand to share with you all..!! bPerfect 10 second tan hit our shelves about three weeks ago, and after selling out in a week, it is back again..!!! From a staff trial, lets tell you all about it..!


bPerfect 10 second tan, is an Irish owned brand, which hit the media waves on Dragons Den.  Of course, we jumped at the chance to have it on our shelves.  The thinking behind this tan, is that it is a natural, organic tan, which leaves no nasty streaks or a typical tan smell.  (Nod to all the partners out there..!!)  The thing about this tan, we noticed that when two of us used it, (as research of course) they both looked totally different.  However, we later found out, that the natural and organic ingredients, work with your natural skin tones, to give a natural healthy glow, without the ‘fake’ look..!!!

As for last, the bottle claims to last 3-5 days.  However, we both found that we still had a natural glow into the seventh day, without the tacky, grubby residue that can appear from other tanning products. 

We found that the tanning Mitt was a great help.  As the tan dries quite quick, we both found that we had to move quite quickly..!!

This product is available in two shades, Medium Coconut, and Dark Watermelon, and retails at €24.95 which is standard pricing against other leading brands.  A huge option for our Saturday Night out..!!

Lisa xx  :)












Also from bPerfect.

Semi Perminant Eyebrow MakeUp Kit €29.95
We havn't been brave enough to try this one yet, but sales are high..!!



Another amazing creation from bPerfect, 'Brush On Lashes'  a new technique in false lash imitation.  €29.95




We both used the bPerfect Mitt to apply the tan, a soft velvety application made application nice and even.  €4.95

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