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Introducing the newest arrival to our tanning collection.  Bondi Sands has seen amazing reviews and we just had to try it for ourselves.  Check out our collection, and a recent customer review below..!! (Real life Pictures..!!!)



                     Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam  270ml                         Liquid Gold 150ml

                                           €18.95                                                                    €21.99     


      One hour Express Self Tanning Foam 225ml                                   Self Tanning Foam Dark 200ml

                                   €24.99                                                                                     €21.99


             Self Tanning Foam Ultra Dark 200ml                                          Self Tanning Mist 250ml 

                                    €24.99                                                                                 €21.99


Self Tan Eraser 200ml




"Has a natural glow today after a quick shower this morning! I put it on last night around 9.  Dried instantly which is a big pro from me!! One coat is all I need for a natural glow that I require but definately would put on a second if I thought I was heading out.  Also, there are no marks on the bed sheets, which is another pro and it does smell good too."

  -  Local customer who bought the Gradual Self tanning foam

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