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Hi guys,


We are in full Christmas mode at Garrett O’Donnell Pharmacy..!!! I know, I know… No one wants to hear the dreaded C word, “and it’s not even October yet..!!!”.  We do know this, and we almost always feel the same..(Except for me… I LOVE Christmas any time of year..!!!)  However, without all of this early planning, Christmas just doesn’t happen in retail..!!!! We would be too late, and would miss out on all the good stuff..!!!

Speaking of good stuff.. We have to bring you down to our Blank Canvas Section..!!! We are so excited to show you all they are bringing our new this year, but a few of you have been emailing asking about what we do have already, and some Christmas Club questions have started coming in..!!! 

Firstly, I’m no MUA, I don’t pretend to be.. You won’t find me creating an ‘insta’, and ranting about my haul of the week… I am just like 90% of our female customers, a regular inexperienced, woman..!!! A skint one nevertheless, so my visits to these MUA’s is few and far between..!!! I need to just suck it up, and do it myself (PANIC!!!!!) No, no… No panic allowed here..!!!

Blank Canvas is in Garrett O’Donnell Pharmacy for over two years now, and to be fair, that is almost the beginning of Blank Canvas itself..!!! With Lisa Quinn on site, we are so up to date with new arrivals onto the Irish make up scene..!!! We knew we just had to have Blank Canvas..!!! So what do they do.. Lets take a look…!!



Firstly, their main products were high quality Make-Up Brushes..!!! Great application is half the battle apparently.. Over time, I found I agreed..!!! As I have said before, I’m no expert, but with these brushes and a little information, I’m not doing so bad.. (Well, so I think anyway..!!)  The first brush I was introduced to was the famous F20.      (Isnt she a beauty..!!)   

Before I had these, I was told, ‘if I never buy another brush..’ (Pah, if only that were the case!!!!) This one will change your whole makeup routine..!!! Putting a brush into liquid foundation, was strange..!! Very strange, but I just got on with it..!!! Two things I found when I done this.  First, I used less product, I had so much foundation left over, when I was finished, and second, the little lines left by a painters style brush the double ended F02.  Result..!!!


With the eye brushes, I think I have mastered the art of ‘blending’.  I do find, that while I’m not opening my own studio, I am making a better effort at the job..!!!


The washing of these brushes was the toughest task I have possibly ever undertaken to date..!! How do I get out the grubbiness, without damaging those lovely soft bristles..!!! I was mastering this with some advice from Blank Canvas themselves, and our Lisa of course..!! (Lisa Q did however, refuse to come home and do them for me..!!! Very unfair if I do say so myself..!!!)  Anyway, I was carrying on happily with my baby shampoo.  Which did do a great job to be fair..!!! A little blob, on the swanky new glove,  (On Sale at Garrett O'Donnell Pharmacy €5.95... Saves wrinkley fingers..!!)

While swirling round and round gently, a little lather would begin to appear, and with the bristles facing downwards, so as not to get any water into the funnel, or metal piece at the top.  This was hard.  It took every effort not to turn the brush upside down, and run the water right in there to get rid of old make up, which was rather disgusting..!!! CONTROL YOURSELVES LADIES AND GENTS…!!! Do not let the water get up there..!!! It will damage the glue, and your bristles will start falling out..!! Also, hot water is a no-no… Keep it luke-warm.. and do not... EVER.. dry them on a radiator, or stove..!!!  (Wave bye-bye if you do this..!!!) Squeeze them out on a towel, and lay them flat.. They dry pretty quick to be fair..!!!  However, just as I had got this technique under control, Blank Canvas have brought out, THEE most amazing brush cleaner..!!!! It comes in a little pot.  With a texture that reminded me of candle wax or soap (I guess is must be some kind of soap, if its creating some suds, duh Lisa..!!!) The idea is, you run the water on it, wet it a little, and run your brushes round and round to gather a little of the soap, and rinse.  I was more than a little sceptical.  Why would I spend my hard earned cash on this little pot (it isn’t much to look at, at first..) which might just wash down the sink if I run it under the tap..!!?  Of course my inner impulse buyer couldn’t leave without it..!!  My fears are well and truly forgotten.  I have washed my brushes with this at least four times with it and I could actually take it back into the Pharmacy and re-sell it (I won’t, but I could..)  It doesn’t look like I have used it at all..!!! I have 67 (I know-impulse buyer, remember!!) Blank Canvas Brushes, built up over time..!! That’s 268 washes altogether..!!! Not bad going..!! Yes, its €14.95, but I don’t think I will have to buy it again for a while.. It really was an investment.  Oh and the smell… I found myself smelling the brushes before I used them..!! Don’t judge..!!  


Check it out,

Lisa xx

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